What is Surviving My Past all about?

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Surviving My Past exists to validate and encourage all who have survived the trauma of abuse. My name is Matt Pappas and I am a survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Narcissistic Abuse, and Bullying. This is my story of living with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD, shared openly in writing, podcasts and videos.

The need for support and encouragement of abuse survivors has never been more important. No matter what type of abuse you have suffered, you are validated for what you went through and how you feel. Being a survivor is not a path any of us would choose, and we were dealt a hand that we had no say in.

So here we are, as adult survivors, trying to find our way in this world, experience healing and have the life we've dreamed of for so long. To experience life no longer through the eyes of a victim, but as a Survivor who will Thrive and Conquer our past. 

I am here to not only share my story but to share your stories as well. To raise awareness, to inspire, and encourage everyone who has lived through trauma, to reach out and ask for help. To not be ashamed of what we endured, but to know that there is Hope, there is always Hope.  You Got This Friend, Rock Your Survivor Journey!

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Working through stages of grief for survivors of abuse


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Matt Pappas

This blog exists to validate and encourage all who have survived the trauma of abuse. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, and bullying, Matt shares his journey with others to raise awareness and inspire everyone reach out for help. You are not alone!