Inspiring Yourself and Others in Trauma Recovery

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The video that goes a long with this post here on the blog, was a bit of an impromptu recording, and it of course inspired this post.

Inspiring Yourself and Others in Trauma Recovery, literally it can happen at any given time and without you even realizing it. I think that’s one of the amazing things that can happen to us as we heal. Not only are we able to feel empowered and inspired because of the progress we’ve made, but when we are validated by others, it helps even more!

I know I personally have a big issue with validating myself and realizing that I have made progress. It helps a great deal when others tell you how much you inspire them, or how good you made them feel because of what you wrote. We are all in this together, that’s not just some nifty cliche` to make us all feel good. It really is true. Survivors have to stick together, and when we do it can have a profound impact on our own journey and the journey’s of others.

So this person, my friend, writes her own blog on Depression. She started it not long ago as a way to cope and try to get out the emotions that she deals with on a daily basis. Essentially she told me that seeing me sit here in total concentration and dedication to the survivor community, as I worked on some graphics and other projects for a colleague, she was just blown away!

I was thinking to myself and I told her, “Really?”  I wasn’t intentionally doing anything but being caught up in the task at hand. She said that watching me really opened her eyes to the impact that taking control of your own survivor journey can have.

I was awe struck by what she shared and to be honest it just made me feel good inside too. God knows we can all use some of that feeling in our lives, right!

I hope you’ll check out the video, leave a comment, share it. Always remember that our healing journey is first and foremost for us, so we can have the life we desire and deserve. However, keep in mind that while we are working on ourselves, others are doing the same. We can all feed off the energy, validation, and encouragement of the combined Survivor Community.


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Blogger-Podcaster-Author-Advocate for Mental Health.

Matt is survivor of childhood sexual abuse & narcissistic abuse, living with Dissociation, Anxiety, & PTSD.

This blog exists to inspire all who have survived the trauma of abuse. All posts, podcasts, and videos are my life as a survivor shared openly and honestly to help inspire as many as possible to speak up, speak out, and not be ashamed.

4 Responses to " Inspiring Yourself and Others in Trauma Recovery "

  1. If it feeds your soul, it will feed someone else’s soul too, because we are all connected. When we pursue our passions, source energy/spirit/the universe/God – whatever you call that connecting force that is greater than all of us – is speaking through us. Let that energy flow through you and know that it is a key part of your purpose here in this world at this time. Rock and survive on, Matt. May you continue to thrive and inpsire others to do the same.

    • Matt says:

      Thank you Sheryl, your encouragement and validation is awesome! I appreciate it so much. I want so much to leave a legacy in this world, to be known as someone that cared about others and helped them whenever possible. Someone who validated survivors, stood by them, gave back to them as much or more that they have given to me. Not for selfish reasons, but because my passion is working with others and doing what I can to make a difference.

  2. Your black kitty fell off a chair behind you when you were talking. It made me laugh. Poor kitty.

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