Surviving My Podcast – Ep. 4 – Anxiety Sucks


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episode-4-logo-300x225 Surviving My Podcast - Ep. 4 - Anxiety SucksWelcome back to Surviving My Podcast! Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to join me and help spread awareness, encouragement, validation, and healing inspiration for everyone. This show is about the dreaded topic that so many of us deal with, Anxiety.

I discuss some of my struggles with Anxiety on a daily basis both at home and at work. I’ll be sharing some of the resources I use to encourage me and assist me in healing from my past and dealing with this feeling. I wrap up the show by sharing some encouragement for everyone that we can heal, we are OK, we are not broken, and Anxiety does not have to rule our life.

Anxiety isn’t just something that we can turn on and turn off. We wake up with it, deal with it all day, and go to bed with it. It keeps us up at night and causes us to worry and over analyze any given scenario. It can be exacerbated by past trauma too; which is just what we all need, right? More reasons to  feel anxious…NOT.

I hope you enjoy the show and will continue to follow me here on the blog for more posts and podcasts during my survivor journey.

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Blogger-Podcaster-Author-Advocate for Mental Health.

Matt is survivor of childhood sexual abuse & narcissistic abuse, living with Dissociation, Anxiety, & PTSD.

This blog exists to inspire all who have survived the trauma of abuse. All posts, podcasts, and videos are my life as a survivor shared openly and honestly to help inspire as many as possible to speak up, speak out, and not be ashamed.

3 Responses to " Surviving My Podcast – Ep. 4 – Anxiety Sucks "

  1. My anxiety is a little different than yours. I don’t have anxiety throughout the day about normal things like ‘what if I get to work late or my kid misses the bus’ or ‘what did I forget to put in my phone calendar’ or ‘I forgot to get cat food now I have to go back out’. I am so glad I don’t have racing thoughts like that all day long. I really feel for you, that must be awful. I do however have racing thoughts that are intensely negative at night when I’m trying to get to sleep. I am so anxious at night that I often don’t get to sleep until four or five hours after I turn off the lights. As well, every once in a while I have a panic attack that doesn’t seem to be triggered by anything, and it completely floors me. I can’t breathe, I feel like I’m having a heart attack, grief overwhelms me until I become fear itself.

    • Lyric says:

      I’ve started having some just stupid, off the wall, crazy dreams and nightmares and I’m finding it harder to fall asleep here of late. It all started with that letter my mother wrote. Since that work about her began my mind races with so much that even for an over thinker like me who is usually brain dead by bed time, I’m having issues now. Just ugh!! I feel for you and your panic attacks, so much! I can so relate to the overwhelming grief and sadness that hits us. It rocks our world, in a not so good way if we aren’t careful. We just can’t ever stay down.

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