It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our daily activities that we don’t take a minute to stop and see the good around us, and the good that we are doing for others.

Specifically, as abuse survivors, so much of what we are used to seeing is filled with bad memories, pain, and sadness of a world that has hurt us so much.

Even in the midst of our toughest days, most depression filled nights, and dreary outlook on life, there is always something out there that we can be grateful for. It’s not always easy to recognize from the dark sunglasses that we often look out at the world through.

On top of not being easy to see, we often times don’t want to see it. It’s much easier to rationalize to ourselves that even if we find something to be grateful for, it won’t last. So why bother then, right?

I know I’m guilty of that, which is a big reason why I’m writing this blog post. Sometimes I need a reminder of what’s good in this world, in others, and in myself.

Perhaps you could use a reminder as well?

It’s easy to just go through the motions of thinking about something to be thankful for, but when you really get down to it there is one huge thing we should be thankful for.

Us! How amazing it that we are still here, on this earth!

We’ve been through hell and back, and somehow we are still here on this earth. That’s no mistake, no mere coincidence, no random act of pure luck. We are still here because we chose to be here.

It’s so easy to overlook something that may seem obvious, but realizing how important it is that we are still here is a pretty amazing thing. It is indeed no small accomplishment, no small miracle.

We’ve endured childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, bullying, domestic violence, human trafficking, the list goes on and on. Our trauma is no joke, it was real and brutal, yet we choose to keep trying, keep fighting every day.

Why are we still here, why should we be looking forward to each morning when we wake up?

Because our story is important and there are countless people out in this world that need to hear it. We are fighting for ourselves and for survivors everywhere.

This world needs you, this world needs us. We can be a beacon of hope for others. We can be a voice for those who don’t have one.

There are children being born every single hour of the day, every day of the year. 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before their 18th birthday. I am a survivor, I am part of that 1 in 6 statistic that is so disheartening.

Chances are if you are reading this post and/or are a reader of my blog, you can definitely relate on some level.

I’m choosing to use my voice to help inspire and encourage others. I want you know how important it is that no matter how you use your voice, just use it. You have chosen to be here for a reason, and someone out there is going to be affected in a positive way because of you.

We might not ever know who we affect; who decides to stay on this earth because of something positive we did that touched their lives. Simply putting a smile on someone’s face or encouraging them through a tough time can do wonders for self esteem.

I just felt compelled to sit down and write this short piece of encouragement.

Keep fighting for yourself and for others who need you.

I hope this makes you smile, makes you feel validated, and if nothing else just reaffirms how important you are!



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