I’ve tried to use Positive Affirmations in the past but it just hasn’t worked. I can sit here and tell myself all types of positive things, even leave notes on the bathroom mirror or in the kitchen. I can put reminders on my phone to say this or that, but I just haven’t been able to connect with them.

A big reason for this is simplay because they weren’t “me”.  So therefore my mind is like, “yeah dude, whatever, go take that generic mumbo jumbo somewhere else.”

Personal Affirmations can work, as they have the ability to program your mind into believing the stated concept. – Psychology Today. That statement sounds good and if you read more of that article it gives you information about how positive affirmations can work for you.

What I’m finding out though, and literally within the last week, is that using generic affirmations doesn’t work for everyone. It certainly hasn’t worked for me.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, my mind reacts differently than those who haven’t experienced some type of trauma in their past.

I’m not suggesting that everyone who is a survivor also feels this way, but it is quite common as I’ve found out in talking to many other survivors.

So telling me to say “I am going to be successful today”, “I am not going think negatively today”, or “Anxiety won’t rule my life today”, just goes in one ear and out the other. Again, it likely works for some and if so, more power to ya, rock on!

I need to read and hear things over and over for them to stick. Along with that, if I can’t connect with it I might as well not even bother. Knowing this about myself, I’ve decided to take a new approach and try this affirmations thing again but with a twist, using “Matt Speak”.

I invite you to watch my video below as I work through this and start to put the pieces of my new found attempt at reprogramming my brain, into motion. As part of a recent assignment, I’m taking this and making it my own and using affirmations in my own unique style. This way it will have a much better chance of staying put in my head and actually working.