One of the best most accessible and fundamental ways that we as survivors can advocate for ourselves, is to read books. There are countless resources available that cover virtually any type of trauma, and with today’s technology, we have instant access right at our fingertips. 

I remember when I first began my own personal healing journey, I simply did a search on Amazon for books related to childhood sexual abuse recovery, and I was amazed at the plethora of titles and perspectives that were out there on the subject.  I was never much a pleasure reader before, but I knew if this journey was going to yield the results that I was hoping for, I better do my part to learn everything I could about what happened to me.

Reading was an amazing compliment during the time that I was seeing a therapist and also working with a Life Coach.  Now, I still find myself gravitating towards any resource that helps me understand what happened, why I reacted the way I did at the time and how it affects my life now.

katia cooper - author - an elf's journey, healing childhood sexual abuseFor all the books that I’ve read and videos that I’ve watched on this subject, none have approached the topic of healing from childhood sexual abuse quite like, “An Elf’s Journey, Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse”, by Katia Cooper.

I was first introduced to Katia by a mutual friend, Svava Brooks.  She recommended that I reach out to inquire about having Katia join me on a podcast, and from the first time that I checked out her website, I knew that Svava was right, this was going to be an amazing opportunity. Thank you Svava!

Katia has been a Reiki Master/Teacher and healing guide for over 20 years. Katia’s education includes over 39 years of combined study at the Meditation Institute, Concept Therapy, A Course in Miracles, and The Light Body Course. She was also certified in Geotran (to transform energy fields), EFT, and as a Blue Belt Teacher in The Nia Technique–mindful movement for play and healing.  She has 10 years of personal experience and practice with Internal Family Systems. She is certified in teaching Laughter Yoga, and as a Practitioner for a few Access Consciousness Body Process Classes.  

Her book, An Elf’s Journey, Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse”, depicts the journey of healing in an amazingly unique way.    

An Elf’s Journey is a tender story about an endearing elf, named Elf, who carried a heavy burden of shame that didn’t belong to her. As this precious elf’s buried memories and blocked emotions are stirred, she finds support from wise creatures in the fairy realm…Along the way, Elf explores enchanted ways to liberate her Self, rescue her inner child, and find peace. The epic journey becomes rewarding as Elf embraces rousing understandings gleaned from learning to love and accept herself, which help her lighten up and enjoy more of life. – Learn more about this story on

Katia joins me on the podcast and we talk about the inspiration for her book. As you’ll hear, this is the book that she wished was there for her when she began working through her own memories of being sexually abused as a child. She wanted to create something that was outside of the traditional type of teaching and educating perspective, something that would an elf's journey - healing from childhood sexual abuse - by katia cooperallow the reader to connect with their authentic self in a unique way other than being told “this is what works”. Her hope is that readers gain permission by example, to choose more joy and understand what they truly deserve.

As survivors, we know there is no cookie cutter method of healing that works for everyone; every survivor is different and creates their own path of healing, often times from multiple different types of methods and tactics. This book offers that different, non-traditional way of looking at healing from childhood sexual abuse, as it comes from a more story like, light, fairy tale setting, yet still validates the feelings, emotions, and struggles that survivors endure.

One of best ways to describe this book is that it comes from a very innocent place; that place where the inner child lives.

Inner child work is some of the most difficult, yet most important work in the lives of survivors. Connecting with your inner child in a healthy, validating, way and giving that little boy or girl inside of you the voice that they so desperately need, opens up a world of healing and self-validation.

Katia and I also discuss:

  • How the fairy tale theme and setting of the book can be so helpful for adults, and the tools that are explored and realized as you go through healing.
  • The importance of understanding that there is no time table to start working on your past. It’s not uncommon at all for adults to wait 20, 30, or even 40 years or more before they begin to come to terms with their memories and start their own personal healing journey.
  • Our minds know when just the right time is to start working through traumatic memories, and it’s important to understand that this is a defense mechanism meant to protect us.
  • Childhood trauma truly does affect every aspect of your life, and it’s not until we begin to work through it, that we understand just how much that is true.
  • The importance of self-compassion and the validating the feelings that we have personally and in common with others.

We cover all of this and so much more. You don’t want to miss this podcast as we dive into healing our inner child through a mystical, fairy tale world where all of nature comes together to teach, inspire, and validate.


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Be sure and head over to to read more about the book, or find it on Amazon.

Images of Katia Cooper and the book, An Elf’s Journey, used with her permission. Feature image and social media images courtesy of Pixabay and Canva.