When I first started this blog, the platform was and continues to be, “living with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD”. It’s what I was diagnosed with when working with my helping professional years ago, and what lead me to realize that I was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, and bullying.

It’s what the the amazingly brave and resilient guest bloggers write about when they share their stories of overcoming past trauma; giving us a glimpse into their world as they work to overcome things that most could barely even imagine.

Over the years, I’ve opened my eyes to the possibility of less traditional methods of coping with anxiety and other challenges, one of which was exploring the use of  hemp oil. In reading up on this subject, and talking with those who have a great deal of experience with using CBD and hemp oil, it’s apparent that the benefits of products like this are on the rise and while the stigma is still very much in place in regards to its use, that too is beginning to subside as stories of hope are more prevalent than ever in how hemp oil can aid with mental health challenges like anxiety.

Interestingly enough, I tried using it for the very first time, during a very traumatic experience late in 2017. My dad was battling with the long term effects of Dementia, and in the latter stages of his time left on earth, the anxiety that comes with this horrible disease was affecting him on a tremendous scale, and in turn was taking it’s toll on us as family members and care givers.

My niece, who was and is a firm believer in the use of CBD oil, and has seen incredible results in it’s use on animals in her clinic as well as for herself personally, suggested that we try it on dad. At first we were like, uummmm what? However, after learning more, it was clear that it was safe and effective. During his final months here on earth we were just wanting to make him comfortable and trying to help keep him feel as relaxed as possible. While some in my family were skeptical, they too realized that it was worth a shot.

The affects were positive and encouraging; within about 30 minutes of the first dose he was noticeably more calm, relaxed, and more like his old self (as much as can be expected given what dementia does your mind). He was not “high” or having a psychedelic experience by any means, simply less anxious and more in control.

The thought occurred to me, if this could work on him, why not on me? While I do have an extensive arsenal of anxiety fighting tactics, I’m keenly aware that as a survivor, you can never have too many skills at your disposal. So when I was approached by Chronic Illness Bloggers, with an opportunity to try out a bottle of Zion Medicinals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, (in exchange for a review), I was most definitely intrigued.

Zion Medicinals was so very kind to send me this bottle of 750 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try your product!

For those that are not familiar with it, Zion Medicinals offers a nice FAQ section to give you more info on the product, its uses and benefits – including dosage information, as seen below.


If you’ve never used a product like this before, such was the case for me, you’ll notice that the color is very dark, and has both an earthy look and taste to it. It’s quite strong, and I had to resist the urge to chase it down right away with something a bit less potent. It’s very much an oily texture, of course, but not in an overwhelming way.  It’s like anything else though, once you begin using it on a regular basis, you don’t notice the taste nearly as much and it becomes part of your daily routine.

From my limited experience,  I can tell you one of the primary benefits I enjoy the most is the rapid relief that it offers. After using it per the recommended methods and dosage, I can see a marked difference in how I feel. Interestingly, even when I’m not actively feeling the effects of some anxiety provoking thought or circumstance, the use of this Hemp Oil offers a very relaxed, soothing type of feeling. Certainly not a “high”, since that’s not what CBD oil does:

CBD is a non-psychoactive element that has numerous medicinal properties.  THC is the psychoactive component that people often associate with marijuana/weed and will give you a ‘high’ effect.

Industrial hemp, which most CBD oils are made from have a high CBD and low THC ratio.  More specifically, most CBD oil companies process out all other cannabinoids (including THC) to leave only the CBD. This means that CBD hemp oil will never give you a psychoactive ‘high’ effect. 

This is very encouraging, and lets face it we can all likely embrace the idea of feeling more calm, relaxed, yet completely in control of ourselves, right?

I don’t know if I’ll continue using the hemp oil or not, but regardless, it’s benefits are clear and I will be eternally grateful for the relief it offered my dad during some of his toughest days battling anxiety and dementia.

-Matthew Pappas


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