These downloads are completely FREE! The DBT Worksheets provided here were given to me by a licensed clinical social worker, LCSW, during my time working with her as a client. I have personally used each of them as a method of tracking my mood, feelings, behavior, and thought processes on a daily and weekly basis while under their supervision.

Feel free to download and print out if you feel they might be useful to you.

From personal experience, it can be triggering to realize how you react to various situations and circumstances, these tracking sheets can yield very enlightening and powerful results. Please use these with discretion and seek out the help of a licensed therapist, coach or other mental health professional..

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Tracker

Place a checkmark in each column to track the types of behaviors you experienced.

Thought & Emotion Tracker

Keep track of negative thoughts or emotions, and a positive alternative to each.

Emotional-Rational-Wise Mind Tracker

Keep track of how you reacted to a situation in Emotional Mind, contrasted to how you could have reacted using Rational Mind, then decide what Wise Mind would do.