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Embrace Your Voice in April – Sexual Assault Awareness Month

by Matt Pappas

Sexual assault is something that victims often feel uncomfortable discussing because of the lack of support that often occurs. April 2018 is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and organizers are encouraging everyone to show support for victims and help bring attention to the reality of sexual violence in all parts of society. The goal is to begin empowering people to get involved in  preventing sexual violence and bringing an end to this horrible crime.

Embrace Your Voice

The 2018 theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month is “Embrace Your Voice.” It is theme that is designed to encourage everyone to sound off against sexual assault and be a positive voice in the fight against this type of abuse. When event organizers tell people to embrace their voice, what they are really doing is empowering people to talk about this subject in public and work towards getting positive results.

What Does It Mean To Embrace Your Voice?

Sexual violence often goes unpunished because victims do not report the crimes. It is a shameful reality that our society has created an environment where victims feel that they cannot get justice because of the negative perception of victims that some groups have created. Embracing your voice means understanding that your voice matters and that expressing your support of victims and outrage at sexual assault crimes is important.

When people speak out on behalf of victims, then victims feel the confidence to shed light on their crimes and bring attackers to justice. For many victims, the idea of being able to get justice while maintaining their dignity is the only way they can get closure and move on with their lives. When people speak out in support of victims in large numbers, that can often be the kind of positive energy victims need to speak up. It is also the kind of attention that needs to be focused on sexual violence to get lawmakers to introduce legislation that can help prevent these crimes in the future.

Where You Can Start

Embracing your voice means speaking out against rape, assault, and other forms of sexual violence in a public way. When people talk about this subject in public, it spurs a dialogue that can lead to changes in existing laws and reforms in the workplace. A good place to start is to get involved in the conversation on social media.

Event organizers will be offering forums on all of the social media platforms where people can express their views on sexual assault and offer support to victims. You can speak out against those attitudes and accepted types of conversation that help to almost normalize sexual violence. There will be online events where you can get more information on the realities of sexual assault and learn how damaging this trend really is.

You can also strike out on your own on social media to confront anyone who feels that sexual violence is just part of everyday life and show that you stand in the corner of the victims. You will be surprised to see how many people accept sexual assault as part of the life experience, and you will get your chance to let those people know that their views on social interaction are not acceptable.

Go To A Live Event

If you go to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, you can get a lot of information about live events in your area that are designed to show support for sexual assault victims. If the idea of raising your voice in support of assault victims is new to you, then you might feel more comfortable doing so in a group of like-minded people. These events are going to offer information on the realities of sexual assault and what can be done to stop it. You can become informed and learn how your voice matters in this ongoing battle.

Encourage Local Support

Another way to embrace your voice is to encourage local businesses and government entities to speak out against sexual violence and set examples for everyone to follow. Companies should be encouraged to adopt employee work policies that promote equality among all employees and a mutual sense of respect in the workplace. Government agencies can make it clear that sexual assault is unacceptable and that all sexual violence crimes will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The victims of sexual assault need your support to help put their lives back together. When you embrace your voice, you learn to speak out against sexual assault crimes and demand justice for victims. Embracing your voice means empowering people to demand mutual respect in social and work situations, and encouraging everyone to treat each other equally in every situation.

April 2018 is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and it is your opportunity to discover just how powerful your voice can be. When individuals group together as one single unit to voice their support for victims and their disgust with a system that promotes inequality, then that is when things will change for the better.

– Brian Kent is a partner at  AbuseGuardian.com. He graduated with a law degree from Philadelphia’s Temple University, and served as a criminal prosecutor in the Sex Crimes Unit of Montgomery County’s District Attorney’s Office.