It’s always a great honor for me when I have the opportunity to chat with a podcaster who has granted me the pleasure of being a guest on their show.  Especially when that person has a passion for helping others as much as I do.

Tali Love is a writer, advocate, creator and host of the compelling Podcast and Blog, 

Forgiveness is a personal choice - podcast with tali love - kinfolk chroniclesShe strives to promote a healthy outlook despite someone’s family of origin or past. She eradicates the shame, stigma, fear, and residual emotional turmoil that many suffer due to unresolved family hurts. Kinfolk Chronicles allows Tali to offer people a space for healing as she strives to assist with banishing the stigma that’s tied to family estrangement.

I was originally on Tali’s podcast in April of 2017, where she interviewed me about Surviving My Past, the Podcast, my healing journey, and the advocacy work that I am involved in now and what’s in store for the future.

I was happy to return the honor from a fellow advocate who has a passion for sharing her story and working with others to help them realize their own potential, and no longer be bound by their past.

We start out discussing more about Kinfolk Chronicles, and Tali’s focus of working with those who are estranged from their family, and trying to heal toxic relationships. The 3000+ members of her Facebook group come together to share, learn, and work with Tali, through regular live streams, and also through discussions and podcasts.

Tali shares how an encounter with her mother, resulted in the realization that she was being scapegoated; for any and all problems within the the family unit. This experience led Tali to search out for support online, but the results did not yield sufficient validation and healing opportunities for her, so she decided to take matters into her own hands and start up her own healing group.  Throughout that process she has been able to create and develop virtual retreats where people can come together, chat, and share resources together.

She’s also created a 21 day program called, Re-Parenting Yourself, which helps you to:

• Connect with your Inner Child
• Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice
• Make Positive Affirmations a Priority in your Life
• Cease Negative Self-talk and understand why its so harmful to you and others
• Learn to Dream Again
• Give Yourself Permission to Have Fun
• And more

The podcast then shifts into the important topic of forgiveness; something very personal and also quite often, controversial when it comes to abuse survivors.  Tali and I discuss what forgiveness means to her, and how it’s a personal experience, unique to each individual.  As you’ll see, her outlook on this topic is one that encourages each person to find their own perspective, and not worry about what others think.

Forgiveness truly is what you make it, and just because you decide to forgive or reconcile in some way, does not mean that you approve of the way you were treated or the actions done to you. It’s simply a matter of understanding that you refuse to be bound by those who seek to validate you, any longer. You take your life back, take matters in your own hands, and move forward knowing that you are worth seeking the life you dream of, and not one where you continue to be dragged down by your past.


It’s about embracing that You Are Worth Healing. You are worth every good thing that those who seek to invalidate you, try to keep you from. It’s not an easy realization to come too, but when you get to a place in your life where you are sick and tired of being emotionally bound to your past and others; an exciting new mindset of healing and self-advocacy comes into full view.

Tali is a strong, passionate, driven, survivor, and as you’ll hear, her message is powerful and promotes an attitude of self-advocacy around going no-contact with those who are toxic in your life.  Those who work with her and participate in her Facebook group, learn first hand what it means to find your own personal journey and be confident in yourself; no longer being held back by those who seek to invalidate you, scapegoat you, and keep you stuck in a perpetual cycle of self-blame and misery.

Thank you again for joining me Tali, and I look forward to a future water gun fight with you!  🙂


If you would like to join me on a future episode of Surviving My Podcast, just contact me anytime and let’s do it!

Pictures of Tali Love, used with her permission. Post images courtesy of Pixabay. Social media images created by Matt Pappas.