Join Me and Share Your Story as a Guest Blog Writer

Sharing your story is an incredible way to let the world know that you are not ashamed of being an abuse survivor! You are not defined by your past, and the abuse that you suffered was not your fault.  The world needs advocates from all walks of life to speak up, speak out, and share their struggles and triumphs.

It is through vulnerability of sharing that we can make a difference!

You don’t need to be a professional writer or author to share your healing journey here on Surviving My Past.  Just have a willingness to be open and honest, in an effort to continue your own healing and inspire others at the same time.

Submissions can include:

  • Sharing your own story of being an abuse survivor.
  • Sharing your experiences as a spouse or partner of an abuse survivor.
  • Writing about any Mental Health related topic that you are passionate about.

Check out all of the amazing people who have shared their story as a guest blogger!

You can also join me as a guest on an upcoming episode of, Surviving My Podcast. We will chat about your story as a survivor and share what’s on your heart, and in doing so you’ll be making a difference in not only your own healing journey but in the lives of other survivors who will hear you and feel reaffirmed that they are not alone and not defined by their past.

If you are a Mental Health Professional, Advocate, or Author – I would love to interview you and chat about your work with Survivors and in support of Mental Health Awareness.

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Please contact me anytime using the form below. Let’s collaborate together and make a difference!