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Heal with other Survivors in Secret Safe Groups. 

Thank you so much for your interest in joining a safe healing community. These groups are run by my friends at TraumaHEAL-IN-SAFE-COMMUNITY-SURVIVING-MY-PAST-FRONT-PAGE-300x251 Heal in Safe Community Recovery University, and are designed to offer both men and women the opportunity to feel safe, supported, and validated in a community where everyone matters.

The groups are on Facebook, and are absolutely secret. Nobody will know that you are in a group and no one outside of the group can see anything that you share. You can use your current personal Facebook account or if you prefer, you can sign up for a different profile. Either way is completely fine.

Each group is filled with survivors from all across the world who are coming together in a safe environment where they can share, free from judgment and invalidation.  We offer groups for women only, co-ed, narcissistic abuse survivors specifically, and LGBTQ groups.

Please fill out the form below, and I will be in contact with you soon so we can start the process of getting you plugged into the group that is just right for you.

Please be sure and add my email address to your contacts list, so my replies don’t get caught in your spam or bulk folder by accident. 🙂  matt@survivingmypast.net