In 2017 I used to see this guy on the bus stop from time to time. I remembered him by the form of his cheekbones. They looked exactly like the actor who played the first Robocop back in 1987 (Peter Weller). This young man would always wear big black and relatively loud headphones.

I saw him only a couple of times, and I will never forget how unmotivated and depressed he looked and moved. I haven’t seen him for months until I bumped into him in 2018 in the check out line of a mall. This time his headphones were purple and he was almost smiling. It was extremely weird for me to see him in this mood. His trolley was packed with strawberries, lettuce and a bunch of different sauces. There were like 6 people in front of us. I was hesitating to talk to the guy. But when there was only one lady left in the line I finally decided to speak with him:

-Hey, I remember you as a guy who I used to see on the bus stop. I’m very curious, why do you buy this weird combination of food?

-Oh, man. I remember you too! You see, I was so depressed back in the day…

We were interrupted as he was next in the line, but he looked like he wanted to tell a story. I was intrigued, so he waited for me. He told me this:

-I came to the conclusion that if I don’t want to be depressed – my life should have plenty of diversity. It basically saved my life. One day I decided to get up 1 hour early and walk instead of driving that bus. I liked it, and I began to walk that distance every day. Some other day I came up to a fisher and asked to swim across the river with him on his boat. So we did.

A day later I began to look for a biker who could pick me up. It took me 4 attempts in like a month before someone agreed. And as we were driving across this bridge I realized, that diversity is exactly what I missed in my life this whole time. I began to apply this tactic to my other activities, and in most cases, it was worth it! There were times when it didn’t, but it led to some hilarious stories. It maintains my life interesting.

It’s a bit frustrating that I haven’t got his contacts and have never seen him since that day. I’ve been thinking about his words a lot and one day I decided that I want to experiment and try out this methodology… I called my dear friend and offered to have some lobsters with tea in the first row of the movie theater. I began to add big and small unusual plans to my schedule for life. And after all the things, challenges and adventures that came with it, I came to the conclusion that this lifestyle makes it a lot easier for me to not think about such thing as “depression”.

I realized that depression is something that you distract on when you are not enthused about life. At least this is how it’s always been to me. And the good thing is that diversity still remains one of my favorite and the most effective umbrellas from rains and hails of depression. And with a little bit of imagination, you can create one for yourself.


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