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I’m extremely honored and humbled to have been a contributor on some amazing publications in support of Mental Health. I hope you’ll consider checking out these resources and by doing so, you’ll be supporting the brave contributors who are sharing and helping to raise global awareness.

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A source of validation, Encouragement, and hope as you work through your past.

triggerpoints-publication-image-survivingmypastdotnet Media and Publications


What it’s like to be a parent when you were abused as a child. Available on Amazon.

gmp-publication-image-survivingmypastdotnet Media and Publications


My weekly column on The Good Men Project. Inspiring men, as a survivor, to talk about Mental Health.

iampossibleproject-publication-image-survivingmypastdotnet Media and Publications


Coming 2017 on Amazon, by Josh Rivedal. The i’Mpossible Series, Volume 2.

adayinmyhead-publication-image-survivingmypastdotnet Media and Publications


A collection of first hand accounts of those who suffer from mental illness. Available on Amazon UK.

writeforhopeproject-publication-image-survivingmypastdotnet Media and Publications


Stories of Hope: Removing the chains of childhood abuse. #WriteForHope. Coming in 2017.

not-weak-just-human-main-image Media and Publications


I had the extreme honor to take part in this movement with The Good Men Project, to help raise awareness and encourage all those with a mental illness to reach out for help.

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I was able to take part in an interview and contribute to an article written by Lindsay Dodgson of Business Insider UK, on what living with Dissociative Disorders is like and what others should know.