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mental health motivation - week 3

Monday Mental Health Motivation 11-7-16

by Matt Pappas

mental health motivation - week 2Welcome back to this new feature here on Surviving My Past. As we talked about in the week 1 post of Monday Mental Health Motivation, this series is designed to help start your week off in a big time positive way!

So I encourage you to take some time and check out some of this hand picked content to help validate your feelings, and always reinforce that you are not alone in whatever you face. Take what you like and leave the rest, oh and don’t forget to share! 🙂

Without further delay, let’s jump right into it and see what’s on tap for this week!







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Richard Grannon’s video below spoke to me in a huge way this week. It felt like he was reaching through the screen and telling me face to face, “Dude you NEED to watch this”.
What we Focus on, Grows Stronger.

Kati Morton’s recent video the Fear of Intimacy. This one hits home for me and I love Kati’s approach, which always includes helpful tips to work through each topic.

Emma Wicks is someone that I follow on YouTube, and this video on how Dissociation Affects her is a subject close to my heart and a particular part of Mental Health that I focus on. This one will validate how you feel and reinforce that you are not alone.


If you have any suggestions for content for this feature, just contact me anytime!


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Ashley Bryant December 22, 2016 - 1:50 am

I love your posts. I am a Peer Support Specialist and a Residential Asst. Manager of a Forensics Program for individuals who have been declared mental unstable /unfit to attend trial and those who have been found guilty but sentenced into the program we offer. My goal is to encourage my people to get the help they so desperately need and also build their motivation so that they are not repeating offenses. I admire the posts you have and I often take some of this down for myself as well.

Keep the posts coming!!

Matt December 22, 2016 - 7:57 am

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Ashley. I’m so glad that the posts on my blog help encourage you, and please reach out anytime. I would enjoy hearing from you 🙂



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