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It’s available for FREE, forever. No strings attached.  SURVIVING GRIEF.

Grief comes in many forms and from all types of circumstances that occur in our lives. Surviving Grief - The 5 Stages of Grief for Abuse Survivors - eBookWhether it’s from past abuse (of any type), loss of a job, loved one, family pet, divorce, it causes numerous emotions as we work through the grieving process.

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, and bullying, there is quite a lot of grieving going on in my healing journey. If you’re a survivor as well, or know a survivor, then you know as well how difficult it is to work through the emotions associated with grief.

In addition to ensuring that we allow ourselves to feel each stage of grief in its own time, and covering all of the stages with compassion and encouragement, you’ll also find inspirational quotes and images to help validate your feelings.

It’s my sincere desire that this resource will help validate, encourage, and inspire you as you work through the grieving process of your past.

There is hope, friends, there is always hope.

Even in the midst of denial, anger, the What If and If only of bargaining, the darkest hours of depression, and finally the acceptance, we can never lose sight of the shining light of healing. We must cling to it and never give up.

This book was taken in part from the series on Grief, here on the blog, but also includes additional information not previously posted; including inspiration quotes, images, thoughts from my healing journey, and more.  All put together in an easy to ready, downloadable resource that you can take anywhere.

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