Surviving My Podcast Ep 3Welcome to episode 3 of Surviving My Podcast. I’m so excited that you are taking some time out of your day to listen to the show.  I hope it inspires you, encourages you, and helps raise awareness for the survivor community and mental health.

On this show I’m pleased to be joined by my friend and fellow podcaster, Wes. He does his own show on, where he shares his struggles and triumphs and always encourages us to share and not feel shamed. He also writes a blog and is active on Twitter. I encourage you to give him a follow.

Wes and I decided to team up for this show after connecting on twitter and realizing that by reading each other’s blogs and listening to the podcasts that our survivor journey’s are very similar and we share similar struggles in life. What better way to dive into that a bit than to do a show together.

Thanks again Wes for joining me and being a part of SurvivingMyPast.Net

We hope you enjoy it! Please leave a comment and share to spread the word! Oh and by the way I hope you all can dig the new official name, Surviving My Podcast! 🙂

I’ve also placed players to my first two podcasts below in case you haven’t listened to them yet.