As survivors, we know all too well the horror and fear of being raised in an abusive environment. Waking up daily wondering what was waiting for us at a moment’s notice; and being powerless to stop it or avoid it for any significant length of time.

Through no fault of her own, Becki Percy lived the early part of her life experiencing things that many could not even imagine, yet through it all she found a way to survive. Her upbringing included not only being sexually abused by her “parents”, but also ritual abuse, and being trafficked.

She has her own YouTube channel where she regularly talks openly about her life experiences, and in doing so she is continuing to help herself heal and also validating so many who my birth parents dont deserve to be called mom and dad - surviving my past - interview with becki percywatch. Becki’s courage is incredible, and her willingness to speak out and bring attention to the trauma that she endured repeatedly, is a true example of someone who refuses to give up.

During our chat on Surviving My Podcast, she shares openly in hopes of validating all who have been through similar trauma, and to raise awareness for the children all over the world who are being trafficked and abused.

We also discuss some her recent realizations that she was also the victim of ritual abuse, and what she has been able to uncover so far about those memories.

Becki’s courage and determination to survive was not the only thing that has carried her throughout her life so far though. Her faith and the kindness of someone who lived across the ocean, that she had never met, have helped to remove her from harm’s way and given her a chance for a fresh start in life.

Even after her legal immigration into the United States, she encountered more trials during that process that she did not expect; yet through it all she continued to stay strong and refused to give up.

Finally after enduring so much, that very same wonderful person who found her plea for help on a blog post, was able to provide this survivor with a safe home.

Becki’s story is one that countless children all over the world are still experiencing on a daily basis. Thankfully Becki is here today to share and advocate for all survivors, and she is indeed making a difference in the lives of those that hear her story.

I am so honored to have had the opportunity to chat with Becki, and I encourage you to check out the podcast as she shares all of these experiences and more!  I’m sure you will be moved, saddened, and angered at what this young girl has endured but also inspired by her courage, faith, and desire to survive.


You can follow Becki on Twitter and on her YouTube channel


Pictures courtesy of Pixabay. Social Media images created by Matt Pappas.