One of the worst things that a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, or any type of abuse, can experience is the feeling of hopelessness and being completely alone. Thankfully, there is an organization like The Gatehouse, a place that offers hope and healing for survivors, and I had the honor of chatting with friend and Gatehouse Lead Volunteer Facilitator, Stewart Thompson.

Their Vision: A future where those impacted by childhood sexual abuse can heal and reclaim their voices.
Their Mission: To provide support, community, and resources for individuals impacted by childhood sexual abuse.

Stew and I first met through a survivor twitter chat, #NoMoreShame. Each Monday, countless survivors get together online to heal together and be around stewart thompson from The Gatehouse- guest podcast on surviving my pastkindred spirits of validation and support. Stew stops in regularly to not only continue his healing journey but also to offer support and encouragement to all who participate.

Since I first joined the survivor community, Stew has been someone I admired and appreciated for all that he does in such a selfless way. Not only does he validate and encourage all who he comes in contact with, but he also plays an integral role at The Gatehouse, and also has his own radio show on BlogTalkRadio. His show, Personal Transformation, showcases survivors, professionals, and of course his own insight on living daily as a survivor himself.

Stew was gracious enough to join me on a recent recording of Surviving My Podcast, and I considered it a real honor that he was able to take some time out of his day to chat with me. He shared some of his own past as a survivor and what led him to The Gatehouse. We also discuss all of the programs and help that this amazing organization offers to all who need it. I was aware of The Gatehouse, but hearing Stew talk about it with such passion and enthusiasm, I was left with a new level of understanding and appreciation that I hadn’t expected.

As a survivor himself, Stew knows what it’s like to be at the breaking point of life, having no hope and nowhere to turn. His experience at The Gatehouse was life changing and instrumental in his healing journey in so many ways. A true testament to the programs available and what a survivor can do when they are embraced with love and surrounded by validation, encouragement, and a safe support system.

CSA International is a key resource for survivors that is facilitated by The Gatehouse. This network of resources “was formed on the premise that if we create the space and process for people to transform the trauma of childhood sexual abuse into states of triumph, this triumph will be felt, and experienced around the world. This triumph will be the liberation of people’s voices, their strengths, capacities and their spirit, and this experience will invite others to come forward and tell their story.”*

I encourage you to check out the podcast that I did with Stew, as well as listening to him on his own show, Personal Transformation. Thank you again, my friend, for sharing so openly and honestly, and giving us some insight into how The Gatehouse has helped you and so many others.

If you’d like to consider volunteering, donating, or need more information on the programs available to those affected by abuse, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or contact them directly.

Thanks again Stew, I look forward to seeing you on your show, brother!


Pictures courtesy of Pixabay. Image of Stewart Thompson used with his permission. Social Media images created by Matt Pappas using Canva.

*CSA International –